GREAT VIDEO: A Loving Rebuke To Progressive Christians: And A Discussion With A Super Hero About Heaven, Hell And Salvation In Jesus Christ

At The End Of The Video Below Joe Kirby, From Off-The-Kirb Ministries, Has a Fascinating Discussion with This Super Hero about God, The Bible, Love, Heaven and Hell, Salvation, Jesus Christ, How Christians Should Evangelize AND MORE. It Was Very Fascinating, Indeed.

As a blogger it is my job to say something interesting, or intriguing, about this video to try to get you to watch the video, because I believe it is a great video, and I would like to see people watch the video and spiritually prosper a little more because of watching it. But this video is hard to give an adequate description of because it is so different, so I will just say this.

I have been following Joe Kirby and his ministry on Youtube for over a year now and I believe this is his best video I have seen yet. Joe does not usually do apologetics videos, or rebuking videos, or exposure type videos exposing false teachers and false teachings but here he gives very good reasons why people should be very weary of “progressive Christianity”, and yes he does give a loving rebuke to “progressive Christians”.

He starts off with the old riddle about 5 blind guys and an elephant, and how they all feel something different when feeling the elephant to show, and then to explain why, that Christianity and Biblical Truth are not up for just any and every interpretation. He talks about how progressive Christianity mimics our post modern relativistic world by claiming that all truths are true (so just be nice and accept all truths as true) and treating God’s Word no different than many Unbelievers do, thinking it can mean what ever we might think or imagine it means.

NO, God and the authors of the bible had very specific intended interpretations, and ways we are to understand biblical truths, when they wrote the Bible. And Joe explains that very well and why it really matters.

So I hope I have convinced you to watch the video because I really do think you will spiritually prosper more if you do.

6 comments on “GREAT VIDEO: A Loving Rebuke To Progressive Christians: And A Discussion With A Super Hero About Heaven, Hell And Salvation In Jesus Christ

    • Thank you for the encouragement SpaniardVIII. I appreciate it.

      You asked me to keep you updated about my situation with my car wreck and fractured neck. Well, I am doing good as far as pain goes. But being without transportation for about 3 weeks is taking it’s toll on me. Both me and my puppy need to get out and socialize and exercise more.

      Plus while I have my brother in law and pastor trying to help me, the best they can, the best they can is not working well for me at all. The best they can is not near enough help for me to be able to go do the things I need to do. Plus I am missing out on some good money not being able to work my side job. So will you pray to the Lord with me that he will help me get a decent vehicle soon? I would appreciate that also brother. TYIA

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  1. Yes, my brother, I will pray today about your situation asking the Lord for a blessing on your behalf. Sometimes we go through difficult times to build up the faith. I see that God is molding you more into the image of Christ by putting you in a place to really trust in Him for what you need.
    The Lord will give you the perfect car to get you around soon. Keep on trusting. Once the Lord gives you that car, make sure to write about it, giving the Lord all the glory.


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