PARENTS: Talk to your Young Children about Sex and Porn (Porn is more of a Danger to Your Children than You Think) by Damon Whitsell

Pollsters say there are 22,000,000 Porn Addicts in America and unfortunately some of those porn addicts are as young as eight years old. Even for those who are not addicted, regular porn use or a compulsion for porn can be very harmful to them, their relationships, our families, our communities and also Our World. The intention of this writing is to alert parents to the danger of porn to their children and our relationships and communities, and to provide anyone who would like to know about the dangers of porn addiction with the resources they might need to be aware of how harmful porn addiction is, and resources on how to fight and beat porn addiction.

Actor Terry Crews “came out” some years ago about his “porn addiction” and says it was a “major problem” in his life that “changed him” and almost caused him to get divorced from his wife Rebecca. Surprisingly many celebrities have also came out publicly about their porn addiction and have been advocating to make people aware of the danger that porn was to them and to warn others that the normalization of porn in our world is a “dirty little secret” that harmed them. And they are concerned enough to share their stories and struggles with porn addiction with others in hopes that it will help others beat their porn problems, compulsions or addictions. Besides Crews, one of the other very famous celebrities to come out about his porn addiction is Chris Rock. (Please see the many resource article links below this post to learn more about how porn is a danger to children and adults, how to spot porn addiction in children, to what extent porn is a problem in our world, how porn is harmful to our brains, our relationships, our families and communities – how anyone can effectively fight porn addiction – and more celebrities that have come out publicly about their porn addiction to help others.)

Terry Crews made a videos series he entitled “Dirty Little Secret” that is available on his Youtube Channel. In the seven 10–15-minute videos Crews talks about how porn was such a problem for him. Part seven is testimony from his wife Rebecca and they both testify how they both had to get therapy and make life style changes for Terry to beat his porn addiction and “save their marriage.” They both share tips, strategies and the actions they took to save their marriage and be a happy couple again.

Here is the playlist of Terrys’ “Dirty Little Secret” videos I made. ( The video titles are… (1) Dirty Little Secret – Part 1 (2) Dirty Little Secret – Part 2 (3) Dirty Little Secret – Part 3 (4) Dirty Little Secret – Part 4 – SHAME! (5) Dirty Little Secret – Part 5 (REBECCA SPEAKS!) (6) Dirty Little Secret – Part 6 – ACTION! (7) Dirty Little Secret – Part 7 – SELF-DISCIPLINE vs. WILLPOWER!

I’m sure some of you are now thinking “Porn is not a problem, it’s just adult entertainment” or “Porn is a healthy alternative to being promiscuous.” Some of you might be thinking “I watch porn and it’s not a problem for me” and you might be right. But I would challenge you to visit the Facebook group Overcoming Pornography Addiction (a link to OPA will be in the comments below) and ask those that admit porn is an addiction to them, ask them “When and how did you discover you are addicted to porn?” and most of them will tell you “I never knew I was addicted to porn or that porn was a problem for me until I tried to quit watching porn”.

I would also challenge you to take the “90-Day “NoFap”/No Porn Challenge” (again, a link to the Challenge will be in the comments) from the mmindblowing website. (NoFap is a website and community forum that serves as a support group for those who wish to give up pornography and masturbation. Its name comes from the slang term ‘fap’, referring to male masturbation. While reasons for this avoidance vary by individual, the main motivation cited is attempting to overcome addiction to pornography or other compulsive sexual behaviours.) You’ll never know if porn is a problem for you unless you can see the harmful effects porn might be having on you, and most likely you will not know porn is a problem and be able to see the harm it might be causing you and you relationships, until you try to quit and possibly realize you cannot complete the 90-Day NoFap/NoPorn Challenge. If you cannot stop watching porn for 90 days, you should seriously consider that you might have a porn problem and look into the next important resource I found (that will also be linked in the comment section below).

The best learning material I found on the harmful effects of porn is a 3-part video series titled Brain-Heart-World produced by the Fight the New Drug Organization whose stated mission is “Fight the New Drug is a non-religious and non-legislative organization that exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts.” They derive their name from the fact that many phycologists and psychiatrist say that porn is as addictive as any drug and that porn is the “new drug” that they are most concerned about. In fact, porn addiction is now a DSM-5 sub-criterion for the diagnosis of Hypersexual Disorder according to the American Psychiatric Association.

The 3 videos of the Brain-Heart-World series are named Brain, Heart, World, because those are the 3 areas that porn causes so much damage. The Brain-Heart-World videos are free to watch here

The 30-minute video entitled “Brain” cites of slew of scientific studies on how porn changes, and “rewires”, children’s and adults’ brains and the way they function, just like hard-core drugs do. That is why pornography is so addictive to so many children and adults. And the studies show that regular porn use and addiction changes the way humans behave that have detrimental effects on our families, our communities and our world, thus making porn considered to be a public health issue to some psychiatrists and psychologist.

The 30-minute video entitled “Heart” shows in great detail, again through scientific studies, how porn changes the behaviors, personalities and the relationship abilities of both children and adults. This greatly effects all regular porn users and addicts’ families and communities. Thus, making regular porn use and addiction, especially among children, a public health issue of great personal concern to those who are aware of the harmful effects of pornography.

The 30-minute video entitled “World” shows again through scientific studies how regular porn use and addiction gravely effects our whole world because it increases sexual abuse, sexual violence and sex trafficking all across the world. In this video you see testimonies of former porn actors and how involvement in the sex industry personally and drastically affected them in very harmful ways. And the video has a heart-wrenching testimony of a lady that was a victim of sex-trafficking as a child. There is even testimony from Elizibeth Smart who is maybe the most famous victim of kidnapping and sexual abuse. She talks vividly about how her assailant would view porn before raping her and would show her porn telling her, this is what I am going to do to you. She was 14 years old when this tragedy happened to her.

Thank you if you have taken time to read all of this. I would again encourage or challenge you to read some of the resource links I have included in the comment section below, if you think they might be helpful to you. Also, if I can help you in anyway, please feel free to send me an email @ and I will try my best to help you in any way I can.

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