HERE AND NOW VIDEO EXPOSE: Healing And Miracles At GOD TV Investigated

The Healings and Miracles shown on GOD TV turned out to be not so miraculous when investigated and scrutinized. God definitely heals and he heals by Faith, but the so-called Faith Healers claim to have the Gift Of Healing, but do they; or was the Gift Of Healing demonstrated by Jesús’s disciples meant to establish them as real apostles, prophets and followers of Jesus to usher in the New Testament era?

On our Group blog The Word On The Word Of Faith, we have well over a dozen articles and videos on the topic of Faith Healing and the Gift of Healing for you to see and read if you wish.

Notice in this expose video that the owners of GOD TV say that Benny Hinn does not personally heal anyone because only God can heal. But they say that Benny “creates an environment where people can be healed”. To me that was the key thing said in this video because former Faith Healer Mark Haville said that was key to the “healings” at his healing meetings stating “The techniques are no different to those used by any practicing hypnotist. First, the people in these meetings are already coming with high expectancy – they want it to be God. Second, you need to create the right atmosphere – hence the long periods of singing certain types of songs to make people feel relaxed and warm.”

But Mark Repented and came clean saying he never had, nor never believed that he had the Gift Of Healing. He said he was only mimicking what he saw from alleged Faith Healers such as Benny Hinn when he said “I copied it. I learned gradually to do what all these speakers like Copeland, Cerullo, Benny Hinn and others do. They manipulate audiences and individuals simply by the power of suggestion. They call the result ‘signs and wonders’. They are deluded. Gradually, I too had learned the process of controlling meetings and inducing hypnotic techniques through suggestion in churches. I did many of the so-called signs and wonders.

You can see the rest of Mark Havilles very revealing confession/testimony HERE if you wish.

Please watch and share this video with others you feel may need to see it, if you can get them to watch it.