Former Word Of Faith Pastor John Edwards Testimony On The Error Of The Word Of Faith Movement

In this video former Word of Faith pastor John Edwards gives his testimony and rightfully says that the Word of Faith Movement is a “counterfeit Christianity” and is indeed “The Self help Gospel of Me”.

10 years go I seen this video from John and I got in touch with him and we became friends and together we founded a Groupblog on the Word of Faith Movement, with 6 or 7 blog authors, titled The Word on The Word of Faith.

John and myself, along with other former word of faith pastors, believers and some ordinary people (like me) that was deeply and negatively affected by the Word of Faith’s false teachings studied and posted on the topic on the Groupblog to try to help others, and from the stats and responses we received our Groupblog has indeed helped (especially the Ex-Word of Faith Believers Testimony Page) people to see the false teachings of the Word of Faith Movement, to come to know correct biblical doctrine and to heal and deprogram from the heretical false teaching of the Word of Faith Movement such as Positive Confession, Jesus died spiritually, that words have creative power, and that God always want us to be healthy, wealthy and materially prosperous Etc.

You can visit The Word on the Word of Faith Groupblog to see over 1100 post there if you wish.

Be more blessed and take good care ya’ll!!
Damon Whitsell