VIDEO: Does God Want All Christians To Be Rich by Damon Whitsell

Does God Really Want All His Children To Be Rich?

The Question of “Does God Want All Christians To Be Rich” is a question that needs to be asked sincerely more often these days. Because of the Word of Faith Movement (A.K.K. The Prosperity Gospel), which dominates Christian TV these days, claims that it is indeed true that Jesus wants all his believers and followers to be rich and have big houses; but is that really the truth?

In this video, which is the most viewed most viewed video on my Youtube Channel about Christian Doctrine (HERE), I do my best to try to answer the question biblically when we received a interesting comment on our GroupBlog on the Word of Faith Movement titled The Word on the Word of Faith; that demanded a thouruogh responce.

This is the question left on our groupblog that I responded to. You can watch the video to see how I responded and to also see if you agree or not. Whether you agree or disagree with my opinion I welcome discussion and/or friendly debate about the issue in the comment section below since the question of “Does God Want All Christians To Be Rich” is a question that needs to be asked sincerely and biblically answered more often these days. I hope you enjoy and will be edified by the vidoeo. Here is the question or comment I answered….

Demonknight2 ASKED/SAID,,,, “Hello, Damon. Since you clearly dont want comments that say anything nice about the guys youre against, I wont say anything. But I have to ask you SERIOUSLY your personal opinion or what you think the Bible says about the issue Perhaps God doesnt necassarily want ALL believers to be BILLIONARES. But Do you really think that as Christians, the only things were worthy of having (in Gods eyes) are the SAME things non-believers have or LESS than what non-believers have??? In other words, why would God ask believers to engage in things completely outside the realm of what the rest of the world is doing, then expect those SAME people to eat mud pies for dinner, AND LIKE IT?????? Again, are you saying that the God we serve is a turn the other cheek & eat hambergers for dinner & thank me for it type of God, while the person that slapped you is laughing with his friends about it & eating steak & has NOTHING to do with God??? Honestly, if God is going to contrast the size of our wallet to whether we love & trust in him, then perhaps its not us who are putting stock in money, maybe its really God! OK, but that sounds ridiculous, doesnt it??? But equally ridiculous? The notion that God wants, condones, or commands that all believers be LESS than the world even if the subject IS MONEY!!! Be HONEST Do you want to serve a God that sees you as not being worthy to have a house BIGGER than a person who OUTWORDLY MOCKS GOD???? Thanks”

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